Field in the Burbs

Let me get this straight: Field Museum AND Chicago Botanic Garden? Liverworts and forensics? Sign me up! I love being a member.

Field in the Burbs
Saturday, July 28, 9am — Chicago Botanic Garden
Field in the Burbs is a program where we bring Field Museum scientists to you! Join us for our next event at the Chicago Botanic Garden on Saturday, July 28 for a presentation by Matt von Konrat, PhD, FLS, Head of Botanical Collections, Gantz Family Collections Center Adjunct Curator & McCarter Collections Manager (Bryophytes & Pteridophytes).

As an expert on a group of early land plants called bryophytes, which include liverworts and mosses, Matt von Konrat, PhD, has assisted with forensics for area criminal investigations. With 17 years at the Field Museum and more than 3 million specimens under his management, he has many stories on the use of botany in forensics, as well as the benefits of citizen science.

The event will begin with coffee served at 9am, followed by Dr. von Konrat’s presentation at 9:30am. Complimentary parking and admission to the Chicago Botanic Garden are provided to attendees who have registered for the event.

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