The Late Holocene Meghalayan: The Youngest Unit of the Geologic Timescale

4,200 years ago, a sweeping mega-drought devastated agricultural societies across the globe, wiping out civilizations from Ancient Egypt to Mesopotamia, Palestine and the Yangtze River Valley. Now, scientists say the cataclysmic event marks the beginning of a new geologic age: the Late Holocene Meghalayan, which encompasses everything from the start of the drought to the present. – Meilan Solly,

This is pretty exciting. I know scientists have been talking about it for awhile now, but this new age has actually come to be!

Read the article here.

In case the hyperlink does not work:

Portion of the Indian stalagmite that was sectioned and analyzed layer by layer, and contains the layers chosen to define the beginning of the Late Holocene Meghalayan Age, 4200 years ago.  Source: ICS


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