Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Air Conditioning

repair-3484790_960_720I found my old journal from my student teaching days. Although I was offered a job at that school, I declined it. I am glad I did so. I have been at the same school for several years now. I thought it would be fun to look at the beginning of my beloved teaching career and see what, if anything, has changed about the profession or about me.

Anyway, enjoy this trip down memory lane.

I went to put my lunch in the department’s refrigerator but was immediately advised not to due to rats and general unsanitary conditions. I brought my lunch bag back to the cubicle my CT [cooperating teacher] is allowing me to share with her, although I can’t imagine that it is going to be any safer there than in the refrigerator. I was also advised not to eat in the lunchroom because every year mouse droppings are reported by various teachers in and around the cafeteria area. I was also told not to sit on any of the couches because mice build their nests in them. I guess I will be sticking to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

In terms of the physical qualities of the school building itself, I guess I am surprised that it is in poor shape. I am told that other schools in the district are far worse and that this building is one of the better ones. However, four classrooms down the hall from

my CT’s room don’t have power and there is no guarantee that the power will work by Tuesday. My CT’s room doesn’t have air conditioning for some unknown reason and the windows are bolted shut, so there is no chance of getting fresh air from outside. Other teachers laugh and shake their heads over these things; none of this is a big surprise to any of them.

What about you, dear reader? Do you have any recollections from the beginning of your career that you would like to share?

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