Mile of Murals in Rogers Park

“Birds of Climatory Prey” (a partnership with the Audubon Mural Project) Artists: Ruben Aguirre, Cheri Charlton, Andrea Jablonski, Tyrue “Slang” Jones, Anthony Lewellen, Chris Silva

Beginning in 2007, the Mile of Murals project in Rogers Park, Chicago celebrated the arts in this storied neighborhood. These large-scale works span over ten blocks, run through seven viaducts, and display on two overpasses. The murals run a mile along the CTA Red Line from Estes Avenue to Pratt Boulevard along the Glenwood Avenue train line.

These are not the only murals in Rogers Park, but they are probably the most well-known ones. There are maps and more information available here. I love these murals, and I thought I’d post the “Birds of Climatory Prey” because it is an important part of Chicago, has a message that is especially relevant now, and involves birds (a great love of mine).

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