Pterosaurs and Swag

A pterosaur enjoys a soda during the Titanosaur Sleepover at the Field Museum. Photo by L.J. Bailey

If you like pterosaurs as much as I do (and I adore pterosaurs), you simply must visit, if you have not done so already. It is a collaboration among scientists, artists, and writers to provide encyclopedic information on all 150 genera of pterosaurs, adding individual pterosaur illustrations as the artists complete them. Pterosaurs are the only known flying reptiles, and while they are extinct now, you can still learn all about these fascinating creatures. Whatever you do, don’t call them dinosaurs, though!

An additional feature of this site is the direct connection to Studio 252MYA, a site where you can unleash your inner nerd into a proud declaration of your enthusiasm for prehistoric creatures. Exclusive merchandise featuring the illustrations of paleoartists is available here. There are other items with natural history illustrations worth investigating, too. Did you leave your heart in the Cretaceous? There’s a t-shirt for that. Need a throw pillow with an Archaeopteryx on it? There’s one of those, too. There are mugs, stickers, shower curtains, phone cases – the possibilities are vast!

Plus, while you get cool natural history swag, you are also supporting some pretty fantastic artists and a unique project. I don’t receive anything in return for my promotion of the site – It’s just really cool. I’m ordering something now! Of course, I have to decide between the Ankylosaur Fancier shirt and maybe something featuring a Tupuxuara. Any suggestions?


10 thoughts on “Pterosaurs and Swag

    1. To quote Brian Switek, “Both pterosaurs and dinosaurs are distinct groups that shared a common ancestor, and so to call a pterosaur a dinosaur is to ignore this major divergence in the evolution of both groups. A pterosaur is no more a dinosaur than a goldfish is a shark.”


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