No Life is Too Small to Save

Rescued baby gulls starting their recuperation and recovery at Willowbrook Wildlife Center. Photo by L.J. Bailey

Good news alert!

Some of you may remember when I wrote about the seagulls that Chicago Bird Collision Monitors rescued in downtown Chicago back in June and my visit with them at Willowbrook Wildlife Center soon thereafter. The public had called in to the Hotline originally about baby gulls lying on the ground surrounding one building in the sweltering heat. Although initial speculation was that humans had thrown these vulnerable birds off the roof, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service scientists found that adult gulls were attacking rival offspring. The cause was not determined, but there are several theories that the unseasonable heat combined with potential toxic material somewhere on the roof led to this behavior.

Out of the gulls on the ground, twenty-five were rescued and twenty-two were released. This article and accompanying video describe the incident and the release of seven of the gulls into the wild. Even if you do not read the article, you have to watch the heartwarming video.


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